GECF, Senegal Reinforce Gas Cooperation

Last week, the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) and a Senegalese delegation led by Minister of Petroleum and Energy Aissatou Sophie Gladima held a virtual meeting to lay the foundation for enhanced energy cooperation.

Senegal — a previously non-gas producing country — is expected to change its energy narrative in 2023 when the Grand Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) gas field development comes online. In total, current gas projects in the country capitalize on approximately 32 billion cubic meters of gas reserves and are set to drive the country toward a cleaner and more accessible energy matrix.

“Your generous contribution motivated us to reiterate our full solidarity with your esteemed country and note that there are striking similarities and alignment in our values, said Yury Sentyurin, Secretary General of the GECF, during the meeting. “Speaking about Senegal, your esteemed country has succeeded in fast-tracking its oil and gas developments, despite recent uncertainty caused by COVID-19, establishing itself as West Africa’s leader in the energy transition.”

Natural gas, and its associated gas-to-power masterplan, is being positioned in Senegal as the fuel of choice due to its environmentally friendly nature, affordability and flexibility. Minister Gladima noted that Senegal aims to establish mutually beneficial partnerships in support of the energy policies set forth by President Macky Sall, with a view to local and sustainable inclusion.  

 “President Sall reminds all of us that natural resources of Senegal, according to the constitution, belong to all of the people. This is even enshrined in our local content policy: that the people should benefit maximum from Senegal’s natural resources,” said Minister Gladima.