Downstream Oil and Gas Company in Nigeria

⦿ Our Vision

To become the dominant downstream oil and gas player in Africa.

⦿ Our Mission

“We play a lead role in petroleum product trading, marketing and distribution in Africa, through a well structured and strategic channel that delivers unbeatable pricing and efficiency of service.”

⦿ Our Philosophy

We are driven by the “Pinnacle Spirit” which is highly resilient and optimistic about Africa’s economic future.

Our Core Values


At Pinnacle, our word is our bond. That is why we value transparency and honesty in all we do. We measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility.


We are constantly developing and implementing new ideas. To ensure our products and services remain top tier in a fast paced and changing environment, our minds are always conditioned towards innovative ways to reshape operations and create enormous value.

Team Spirit

The foundation of Pinnacle’s success is its people. Our code is “driven by innovation, sustained by people”. In line with this, we ensure everyone is a part of the internal movement. With over 9 active departments, our team spirit keeps us all geared towards one goal, one mission, one vision and one strategic objective.


We believe customer satisfaction is not just an event, or an isolated action, it is our culture and our professional ideology. We aim at meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations in all aspects of our business, without compromising on quality, which is why our solutions, products and services are the best.

Care For Safety Health And Environment

Pinnacle is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its workers. We ensure compliance with all health and environmental safety standards. To express that commitment, we have taken adequate steps to ensure care for safety, health and environment is articulated and considered in all our operations. To this end, we adhere strictly to all safety regulations in line with the Oil and Gas Industry’s standards and the international standards.