What is the Pinnacle Gold Card?

The Pinnacle Gold Card is a Prepaid Fuel Card that is a convenient and secure payment solution for purchasing petroleum products and services across Pinnacle service stations nationwide.  It functions like a traditional debit card, allowing you to load funds onto the card. It is acceptable in all Pinnacle Service stations across Nigeria.

How to Register?

  • Visit the Pinnacle Oil and Gas website or go to the nearest Pinnacle service station.

  • Look for the registration section or inquire with a Pinnacle Gold Card Representatives at Pinnacle service station.

  • Fill out the registration form with your personal details, such as your full name, contact information, and any other required information.

  • Provide any necessary identification documents as per the registration requirements (e.g., valid identification card, passport, or driver’s license).

  • Choose the desired amount to load onto your prepaid fuel card. This amount will serve as your card balance.

  • Pay the required registration fee, if applicable, and load the chosen amount onto your card. You may be able to load additional funds onto the card in the future as needed.

  • Receive your Pinnacle Gold Card, along with any relevant instructions or terms and conditions.

  • Activate your card as per the given instructions, if necessary, to start using it for fuel purchases.


A Pinnacle Card® to suit every business


Pinnacle Gold Card® saves you time, money and administration

  • Control

    Monitor your Fuel consumption spending and restrict purchases.

  • Convenience

    The Pinnacle Gold Card is designed to streamline your financial transactions and make your life easier. With advanced payment technology and online account management, you can enjoy seamless and hassle-free transactions wherever you go. This convenient and secure payment method allows you to make purchases at the comfort of your home/ office with ease and confidence.

  • Premium Service

    As a Pinnacle Gold Card holder, you are Gold @ Pinnacle. You will receive dedicated and personalized service ensuring a superior customer experience at any of our service stations nationwide.

  • Budget Management

    The Pinnacle Gold Card empowers you to plan and manage your fuel expenses effectively. By loading your preferred amount onto the card, you can set a budget and monitor your fuel spending, promoting better financial planning. This comprehensive insight into your spending, enables you to create budgets, set savings goals, and make informed financial decisions.

  • Security

    With the Pinnacle Gold card, you can enjoy enhanced security. It reduces the risk associated with carrying cash and minimizes the chances of theft or loss. You have a unique PIN, ensuring that only you can access and use the funds.