The Pinnacle Fuel Card®

provides significant fuel cost savings and controls to businesses or individuals with small, medium or large fleet of automobiles.

What can you do with the Card?

  • Create users
  • Create Vehicles and map them to cards
  • Create Drivers and map them to Vehicles
  • Create cost centres (Departments)
  • Make payments and view payments history
  • Control fleet fueling
  • View reports/ Block/ reassign fuel cards


A Pinnacle Card® to suit every business


Pinnacle Fuel Card® saves you time, money and administration

  • Control

    Monitor your Fuel consumption spending and restrict purchases.

  • Acceptance

    Pinnacle Fuel Card® is accepted across Nigeria, with Zero network or cash related issues when fueling.

  • Streamline

    Minimal contact purchase. One monthly consolidated invoice to simplify your accounting.

  • Savings

    Points accumulation as a Loyal Customer for a lot of great offers and discounts

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