Ayodeji Makinde

█ Head, IT

Ayodeji Makinde, the Head of IT at Pinnacle Oil and Gas, brings over a decade of expertise to the table. Specializing in project management and execution, his leadership has been instrumental in successful digital transformations and large-scale projects. Ayodeji is skilled in data and analytics, leveraging insights for strategic decision-making. His talent management and development initiatives have contributed to building high-performing teams.

Adept in cybersecurity, Ayodeji ensures robust protection of digital assets. His proficiency extends to systems and network administration, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of IT infrastructure. Exceptional communication skills complement his ability to translate complex technical concepts into understandable terms.

With a keen business acumen, Ayodeji cultivates partnerships that drive organizational success. As a member of the British Computer Society, he stays at the forefront of industry trends. Beyond the professional sphere, Ayodeji finds joy in basketball, football, and maintaining fitness through regular gym sessions. Ayodeji Makinde is a multifaceted IT leader, combining technical prowess with strategic vision and a commitment to continuous improvement.