Tank Farm Facility

As part of our strategy to ensure continued availability of the various petroleum products which are our stock in trade, we operate a 100,000MT storage terminal and jetty in Warri, adjacent the Warri Refinery.

The Jetty boasts a draft of over 6.2m and allows the delivery of up to 30,000MT of products in a single consignment.

In addition, We are constructing a further 600,000 MT of storage in the Lekki Free Trade Zone as a complimentary component of the SPM/CBM project (referred to above). In the light of the foregoing, Pinnacle Oil & Gas Limited is well positioned to play competitively in the Nigerian oil and gas market going forward.

The Warri storage facility is designed to store a wide range of products including PMS, JET A1, AGO, DPK and BASE OIL.

The tanks are interchangeable, allowing great product flexibility, and have floating roofs, greatly reducing evaporation and air pollution from volatile emissions from the storage area. The facility has blending capacity, together with re-export functionality.

To ensure efficient product load out, the facility is equipped with a Truck loading Island for Gas Oil, Gasoline, JET A1, Base Oil and DPK. Each load out facility is equipped with multiple loading arms each capable of loading 120m3 of petroleum products per hour.

There is also a Truck park bay, for the efficient management of truck traffic. As well as modern office facilities for the administration of operations as well as for the housing of key regulatory agencies who are located in all product terminals by law.